Online casinos are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, even with this mode of operation, there is a difference when it is best to play for the greatest benefit. Professionals easily share information with players on how to determine the time to play in a casino.

Favorable days of the month

It is known that online casinos close the month and settle accounts with providers and advertising partners based on the results of the past calendar month. Logically, if negative balances are written off to advertising partners, then the prize pool of slots also goes to zero. For this reason, it will be true that it is more profitable to take on the machines at the end of the month.

Best time of year to play online casinos

What months of the year is it better to play at a casino? The answer to this question depends on the seasonal cycle:

* Cold season. When it’s cold outside, people are more likely to sit at home, and, accordingly, spend more time on entertainment on the Internet, including gambling.

* Warm season. Many people prefer to relax in the fresh air and travel. Consequently, business life in the Northern Hemisphere seriously slows down in the summer, so online casinos resort to various tricks to attract new users and retain old ones. It is in the summer that gambling operators hold the most impressive promotions and give the biggest bonuses. There are also many bonuses in the fall, as companies strive to attract new people who will become active users in the winter. The closer to winter, the fewer special offers, because there are more and more voluntary clients. The casinos, of course, hold New Year and Christmas promotions, but these are rather regular events in honor of the holidays. They are incomparable with the scope of the “summer enticement”.

Suitable time of day

There is no unambiguous answer to the question of what hours to play in an online casino. Most of the casino players are registered from 20:00 to 02:00, but we don’t need this information, since any slot machine operates in two phases:

1. Collecting money. In this phase, the slot, although it gives you a win, is rare and in small quantities.

2. Distribution of the game fund between users. It’s time for big wins. The fact is that it is rather problematic to understand which of the above phases the slot is in. The length of the phase depends on the specific slot. It can be influenced, inter alia, by the number of players at a given time. There is information that the phases of operation of NetEnt slot machines are the same, both in the “Demo” mode and in the game for money mode. For this reason, you can try your luck by working with this provider.

Resetting daily statistics

Another factor that influences what time of day is best to play. The moment when the next daily statistics reset to zero also depends on the specific slot and provider. The closer it is on the horizon, the more wins the machine gives users. The ideal time is 1-2 hours before the statistics are reset.


In online casinos, the time at which the game takes place definitely matters. Best played at the end of the month. As for the time of year, the most profitable time is summer-autumn (thanks to grandiose promotions). When it comes to the best time of day, the answer is ambiguous. It is advantageous to play in the phase of distribution of the game pool between players and several hours before the daily statistics of the slot are reset. However, the above processes can take place at different times of the day.

We checked the poll on the forum among the players and most of the players said that the time of the game does not really matter! Each player comes up with the best time for himself!!