It’s now time to get into the music scene and pull a couple of tunes at the electric guitar. If you yearn for the days when rock stars having long hair and wearing leather pants were the all time heroes, then you can definitely enjoy RockStar to the full. Are you ready to live in the lime light? Tunes, concerts, magazine reviews and much more will become part of the daily routine once you become a rock star, and just like most of the famous music artists, get ready to become rich.


RockStar was developed by Betsoft and falls under the Slots3 category. Slots3 pokies are simply brilliant, and being one of these means that the pokie will include exceptional graphics and great sounds. Of course, in the case of RockStar the music could be nothing else than some good rock. If you haven’t experienced a Slots3 pokie as yet, we must say you are missing on something really cool. However, there is no need to despair, here you can try these pokies for free. Once done, you can play them for real at Vera John Casino.

The technical aspect of RockStar is quite standard; with five reels, three rows and thirty possible paylines it is a typical Betsoft pokie. The more paylines you choose to activate, the higher are the chances of winning. There are five bet levels which you can opt for, and the coins can be of a value as small as €0. 02, as well as much as €0. 50.


However, this is certainly not what you want to know out of this review. So let us now start discussing the exciting stuff. The first thing we shall mention is the Epic Solo feature. The latter is activated when three electric guitar symbols appear on any active payline. Once you get to this feature you will see a rock star, who is suspiciously reminiscent of Slash of the famous rock group Guns’n’Roses, showing off his talent. Different items will be randomly selected and when this happens you will earn money. Don’t you think it’s cool?

Well, yes, but definitely not as cool as the bonus round which RockStar has to offer for you. First of all you should know how this round is triggered, and this happens when at least three VIP concert tickets line up on an active payline. This time you will be the rock hero, and you’ll have to play in rhythm by clicking a button each time a note reaches the bottom of your screen.

We believe this feature resembles the famous video game Guitar Hero, that probably most of you have already tried. You need to be quite dexterous in order to do well, and this is something which is rarely found in any of the other pokies. So we think that all those that like pokies as well as video games, probably many of you reading, will greatly appreciate this feature. It gives a good mixture of pokie traits and video games, and of course will make you richer at the end.

Wild symbols

Another interesting feature which will be greatly appreciated is the wild symbol, or rather the wild symbols. Indeed, in RockStar we find two wild symbols, both represented by a record. The only difference is that one is a gold record and the other is platinum. Each behaves as the normal wild symbols by substituting other symbols and giving out more payout.

So we think you’re asking, what’s the difference between the two, apart from the colour? When the gold symbol substitutes other symbols payout is multiplied by two. The platinum record on the other hand multiplies your gains by five. However, what is really good is when both form part of a winning combo. In this case your winnings will be ten times bigger.

Let us give you an example as to how this works. Imagine you get two of the rock star symbols on an active payline together with a gold and a platinum record. Usually four rock stars are equivalent to 50 credits, but this time you will gain 500 credits that will be multiplied by your bet! Check the payable and do your maths. You will easily notice how profitable this feature could be.

All in all RockStar recieves high grades from us. It is probably one of the best Betsoft pokies, although other really good ones like Slotfather come to mind too. Try RockStar for free over here. You can do it for an unlimited amount of time, and you could also check all the other pokies that we have to offer.