Thanks to online casinos such as Spin Palace Casino and the software platform they use, which is from Microgaming, you are now able to take part and enter a large and very diverse range of online pokie tournaments throughout the day and night.

A pokie tournament, if you have never come across one before, is simply a pokie playing competition, whereby all entrants are allocated a set amount of free play credits and are then faced with the not too difficult task of playing one slot game for a set period of time, the aim is to end the competition with the highest amount in winnings amassed during your allocated time.

There are many different prizes which pokie players can win on any one pokie tournament and the prizes are reserved for those players ending the tournament with the highest amount in winnings.

Many novice pokie tournament players often ask is there any ways they can improve their winning chances when playing in such a pokie tournaments, however the only way to win is to play as many spins as you can on the chosen pokie game during the allowed time in the hope you spin in plenty of winning combinations!

Pokie tournaments types

Below are all of the many different types of pokie tournaments that you will find on offer at sites such as Spin Palace Casino, and as you are about to find out there are plenty of them to choose from!

One Shot

There are lots of One Shot type of tournaments offered at Spin Palace Casino, these give you just one chance of taking part in the hope you get the highest score when playing the tournament pokie game.


The Survivor pokie tournaments are made up of several different rounds, the aim is to complete each round with one of the highest winning payout amounts and if you do you will then qualify for the next round of the tournament. The aim is to make it into the final round of these Survivor Tournaments and win a cash prize of which there are many on offer.


Some online pokie tournaments let you take Add Ons and Re-Buys once you have used up all of your tournament credits, by doing this you will increase your winning chances as you can carry on playing when you pay a small extra fee, these types of tournaments suit players who have the bankrolls available to enable them to carry on playing in the tournament by paying that extra fee which allows them to increase their winning score.


A Reloader competition is similar to an Extender pokie tournament in as much as once you have used up all of your available pokie tournament credits and/or you allowed play time you pay a small additional fee and your credits are replenished as you are given another set amount of time to increase your initial score in the tournament

Monthly Monster

You can take part in a pokie tournament that offers a huge $25, 000 prize pool by entering the Monthly Monster Tournament, this is held for a full 7 days so finding some time to enter it is easy. You will need to pay a small entry fee to take part but that prize pool on offer is huge!

Weekend Whopper

On Fridays to Sundays there is a Weekend Whopper type of pokie tournament held at Microgaming software powered online casino sites, this particular one boasts a prize pool of an impressive $10000 and there are plenty of cash awarding positions listed on the leader board.

Midweek Moolah

The Midweek Moolah pokie tournament is held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays with plenty of cash prizes on offer and due to you being able to win a free entry into this tournament via some Satellite tournaments then make sure you give it a try!


During each day of the week at various times you will have full unrestricted access to a large number of cash paying Freeroll Tournaments, no entry fee is charged and some generous cash prizes are awarded to those players amassing the highest amount of winnings during their game play.

There are also plenty of different pokie games used as the tournament pokie machine, so if you have a person favourite then you will find a lot of choice in regards to not only which tournament you enter and play in but also the base game pokie used on the tournaments. When you do take part in an online pokie tournament make sure that you always look at the pokie tournaments rules as this will let you know how much time you are allocated, the amount of tournament credits you get along with the actual entry fee and also the way in which the prize pool is allocated.