Net Entertainment has done it again! Nothing to worry about; what we mean is that this amazing software provider has launched yet another exciting and original pokie. Kings of Chicago combines a pokie with video poker and the result is successful to say the least. We never cease to be amazed by Net Entertainment ingenious approach when it comes to designing fresh and interesting pokies. We definitely give the thumbs up to their latest masterpiece.

That we like this pokie is more then evident. We are pretty confident that you will feel the same about it. Kings of Chicago does not target a specific type of player, however being such a modern novelty, it will certainly raise the curiosity of most of you. What is good here, is that before actually investing in it, you can try it out for free. If anything, we believe it is important to check out how it works, no matter how experienced you might be.

Chicago has definitely had its fair share of gangsters throughout its history that have been renown for playing poker and smoking cigars in shabby bars. Actually a one or two has even been killed because of good, or perhaps bad, poker hands. This bloody history has been talked about over and over again throughout the years, however, nowadays it is nothing but a distant memory. Still, Kings of Chicago is a tribute to this particular time in human history, and you most probably will notice it instantly.

The external set-up of Kings of Chicago is the standard one found in most Net Entertainment pokies, consisting of three rows, five reels and a total of five possible paylines. You can play at ten different bet levels and the coin value ranges between €0. 01 and €1. 00. However, this is as standard as it gets. In Kings of Chicago you won’t have to line up the same symbols in order to win. Instead you will have to check out for poker hands in the five paylines seen on screen. To make a profit, you need a minimum of one hand with three of a kind.


The cards do not have to appear in a particular order to be translated into profit. This means that you won’t have to align them on the paylines starting from the leftmost reel like what is customary with all the other pokies we’ve discussed so far. A winning hand is all you need to make money, just as though you were playing poker, with the difference that here the chances of winning are bigger and no bluffing is required.

Wild symbol

Something else that is interesting with Kings of Chicago is that there is a wild card which will help you out in getting a winning hand. And which card could be most suited to act as a wild card? The joker of course! So, let’s take a fictitious scenario and say you get four tens together with a joker on a payline. This will be translated in the same manner that would have happened if you got five of a kind! Moreover, all the winnings made thanks to the joker will have a value double than would normally be the case.

In Kings of Chicago you will also find the scatter or spread symbol. This time this is not shown by one single card, however what will happen is that you will get the word scatters written on a card and that card act in the same way the scatter symbol does. In fact, just like we’re used to with most other pokies, three or more of these cards you will get free deals at the casino’s expense. Note that we are using poker related jargon, and we didn’t call them free spins. However, as Juliet said; What’s in a name? The important thing is that here as well you’ll get the opportunity to cash in some good money.

We just said that we are not calling the rounds spins. Indeed, if you play it out over here you will see that the cards will be uncovered in the same manner that a dealer would reveal poker cards. The graphics in Kings of Chicago are excellent and make you feel as though you are really sitting at a poker table. So, in summary we give full marks to this exciting new pokie. We mostly appreciated the fact that Net Entertainment stood out of the ordinary and tried a new approach. The result was a very successful concept, and we wouldn’t be saying anything surprising if we had to say that we really hope they keep on working on this line.