Oranges, Plums, Watermelons and Cherries. No, this is not the recipe for a fruit salad, but rather the ingredients for yet another cool pokie from Microgaming. Fruit Bingo is a three reel, one payline pokie that has some nice features in store for you. You can adjust the bet level into seven different levels, with 0. 25 being the minimum and 10. 00 being the maximum. It’s then up to you to decide how much you want to invest per spin.

We shall start our review with the most exciting function of Fruit Bingo, that is the Fruit Bingo! Bonus Game. The latter is activated whenever you get three Fruit Bingo logos on the middle line. This symbol will not make you win any credits but the amount won after the round can be quite big. The bonus round works like a round of bingo.

Basically you will get a random number of free spins on the reel. Then every fruit that is displayed on the active payline, even if not matching, will be recorded and the fruit rows displayed above the reels will light up. So let’s say you get a plum, a cherry and a watermelon. All three will light up. Then if during the next spin you get another two of any of these symbols, you will win the multiplier value associated to them. This keeps on going for as long as the free spins keep going, and so the bonus multiplier value can amount to a substantial value.

Right now maybe you can’t really picture how it goes, but if you try it for free over here you will notice that it is very simple and fun at the same time. But before you do so, let us give you some more information. Of course, profits are made also when you line up three of the same symbol on the middle line. In order to do so, as well as to get three Fruit Bingo logos, you have some interesting features that are randomly activated.


The first one we shall discuss is the Mystery Win! feature with which the reels will automatically spin into a random winning combination, sometimes even into the trio of Fruit Bingo logo. The same thing happens with the Shifta! feature. Also similar to these is the Let’em Spin function that can be randomly activated whenever you use all your nudges and will also give you a winning combo.

Speaking of Nudges, for the few of you that haven’t used this function before, let us tell you that these can be very helpful. During the regular game you can get up to four nudges per spin which you can use to push the reels forward into the desired combination. You can use the sneak peek arrows found above the reels to check which symbols are next in line, so that you can devise the best strategy.

And this is not everything when it comes to nudges. Sometimes you’ll be able to win the same amount of nudges that you used in your previous spin. Also if you don’t use all of them, you are sometimes given the possibility to hold your nudges for the next spins. Moreover, occasionally you can gamble the amount of nudges won, in the hope of getting a bigger amount.

Finally, one last function that will help you in getting the combination you need is the Hold. Whenever this feature is activated, which is quite often, you will be able to hold any of the reels so that for the next spin this does not move while the others will. So if you already have any of the desired symbols, hold them and keep your fingers crossed that the missing ones will show up on the next turn. Fruit Bingo can probably be rated as an intermediate pokie since it is not extremely simple but not very advanced either. As such we believe it might be suitable for most pokie players. We enjoyed Fruit Bingo and perhaps now is the time for you to do the same. Take a couple of free spins here and check it out for yourselves. Moreover, if you like bingo in general maybe you’d like to try Bingo Bango Boom from the same producer. This is a pokie similar to Fruit Bingo, but a little bit more advanced. Enjoy!