Flo’s Diner is the pokie for the true nostalgics, in different ways. As soon as you start the pokie you will meet Flo, a gorgeous roller girl typical of the 80s. In fact, diners became very popular in North America in the 60s, and were still going strong in the 80s. Typically seen with a flashing neon sign on the outside, just like the one we can see on this pokie, diners were very common among youngsters as a late night hanging spot. There was also a time when waiters, often girls, served tables on roller skates.

Now we guess some of you are thinking, oh yes those were the good old days were flashy neon clothes, ripped jeans and teased hair were in vogue. This particular decade in fact has inspired other software producers like for example Net Entertainment that came up with Super Eighties to pay tribute to this particular time of human history. Again, we think there are a few of you that must be thinking of those days when they used to spend hours in front of a huge box with a lever on the side, pulling the lever spin after spin and watching the bars, sevens and cherries line up.

In fact the other reason why Flo’s Diner will go down very well with those who are fans of those times is because it is a typical classical pokie, a copy of the ones found in real casinos in the early days of the pokie industry. Flo’s Diner can be considered a classical pokie because it consists of three reels and just one active payline on which symbols need to line up.

Symbols features

Symbols are not exactly traditional as here, apart from a bar symbol with one row, you won’t see any of the other classical symbols. Instead you will see doughnuts, ice creams, and of course, Flo herself. Flo, indeed is the mostly paid symbol. When playing for three coins, three of her on the middle line result in a win of 2, 500 credits. Two coins would give 1, 600 credits, whereas one coin leads to a profit of 800 credits.

The amount of credits you want to bet is a decision that is entirely up to you. Also up to you to decide is the value of the coins. You can choose between five different coin values. All this will affect the cost of each spin, as well as the value of any profit made. Other settings that can be adjusted, are whether you want to play in the Expert mode or not. This is nothing but the AutoSpin function, with which you can make the pokie spin automatically without you having to click on the spin button every time.


Since our version is free and you’ll be using play money, you can try changing these settings and see how they affect your profits and your gaming experience in general. Another thing which you’ll notice after a few spins is that although Flo’s Diner doesn’t have the classical symbols, some of the symbols function like these. In fact, the doughnuts function as the traditional cherries in that they give payout even when not lined up in threes. Also whenever you get a combo of ice creams and bars, profit is still guaranteed.

More than this we can’t say really. Now it’s time for you to try it for free over here and see what you think. In our opinion Flo’s Diner is a classical pokie with slight pleasant modifications. If you are thinking of a pokie with bonus rounds, wild and scatter symbols, and other features, this is certainly not for you. However, if you want to make some profit in the simple traditional way, Flo’s Diner is great. It’s a pokie with an 80s touch that we truly appreciate, probably because it reminds us of some good old days!