spread betting It was recently revealed that British billionaire James Stunt owes just over a million pounds over betting. He admitted that the debt exists, but also noted that he is going to pay it off with a loan he will take against a collection of paintings he lent to Prince Charles for two years. It is certainly not the average player in quick hit slots online. The risks and losses are incredible. 

According to the Daily Mail, the billionaire plans to borrow £70 million against a collection of paintings, which probably includes works by Picasso, Monet, Dali and other famous artists. 

On this topic EA vice president compares loot boxes with Kinder Surprise Since the media talked about the debt as a result of gambling, James Stunt stressed that this debt is not gambling. He was betting on currency exchange rates. He owed debt to CMC Spreadbet, which says that the billionaire had already promised to repay the debt more than once last year, but never did so. In addition to promising to borrow against his paintings, he told them he would pay back the debt after he sold his wine collection worth £650,000. The company has sued Stunt, and in addition to the £1,002,103 he owes them, is demanding £219 per day overdue as interest. Apparently, things are not going well for the billionaire. This is not the only legal case to recover money. His assets have been frozen and a judge has set a limit of £1,000 a week for expenses. At the same time he was forbidden to drink his collectible wines and deprived of the right to dispose of his property. With such restrictions even in litecoin casinos can not play.