Are you a fan of big American cars? Have you ever watched the TV series from the 70s called Happy Days and thought, Oh yes those were the days? Then 5 Reel Slot is definetely the perfect match for you. Everything in this pokie takes us back to those times where cruising with d car and meeting friends for a burger at the highway diner was the rule of the day. Some of you might feel a little bit nostalgic as we start the engines of this pokie. Join us for this trip, wherein we shall bive you a brief overview of this pokie.

Features and gameplay overview

In many ways, 5 Reel Drive is a classical pokie. We can say it is not an extremely advanced pokie but at the same time, it is not too simple. 5 Reel Drive is a straightforward pokie with five reels, three rows and nine possible activated paylines. As a result, winning combinations are easy to spot and follow.

You have the possibility to bet between 0. 01 and 2 credits per active payline, and so each round can cost a maximum of 18 credits. As such, you will notice that you can easily adjust the game to suit your desired budget. As mentioned before, winning combinations are pretty straightforward and they are counted as displayed from left to right.

It is also possible, for those of you who are not new in the field, to operate the expert function with which you can make the wheels spin automatically for as many times as you decide. This is done by setting your preferences in advance and then let the pokie do its job. In such cases all you have to do then is to sit back, relax, and enjoy as your payout gets bigger and bigger.

After a brief look at this pokie you will notice that most symbols are related to cars and provide regular payments which are denoted in the paytable. However, there are also some symbols which are worth giving extra attention. These are the scatter and wild symbols. When you try the demo version provided to you on this page you will see that the wild symbol is represented by a road sign showing a black arrow on a yellow background. Some of you might already know that wild symbols substitutes most other symbols to complete winning combinations.

Important symbols

The scatter symbol, as the name implies, is the only symbol which does not need to show up on a payline in order for you to win. When you get three scatter symbols, shown by a police car, anywhere on the reels you will have earned some nice profits. If you are lucky enough you will get five police cars, the maximum amount of scatter symbols that can be displayed during one round, and this will result in a significant increase in your bankroll.

However, the scatter and wild symbols are not the most important symbols to follow. The burning tyre should be your target when playing 5 Reel Drive. It is possible to get up to five of these symbols in an active payline, and this is exchanged for as much as 10, 000 credits! So although a burning tyre in real life is not something anyone can wish for himself, when playing this pokie a burning tyre will be a very good reason to smile.

To conclude, 5 Reel Drive is a pokie that simulates to a great extent real physical pokies. With its sounds, graphics and combinations it will be difficult for you not to think that you’re playing in a real casino. Although we earlier said that this pokie is mostly suited for motor fans and people that enjoy retro things, we are pretty confident that more or less everyone will find this pokie very entertaining.